35 year old consumer who opens a PENSUMO® Savings Plan with a maturity of 67 years and who consumes each month within the establishments and companies associated with PENSUMO®: (contribution of this simulation = 3%)

If you consume



  • Guaranteed: 3.757€
  • Estimated*: 8.407€

If you consume



  • Guaranteed: 8.765€
  • Estimated*: 19.625€

PENSUMO® is a loyalty platform that stimulates responsible consumption by awarding the economic prize to consumers associated with the system who make regular use of member establishments and also takes into account good citizenship practices.

PENSUMO® has as a principle to adhere to the Consumer Arbitration Boards of the areas where it operates and has a commitment to corporate transparency. The security of the contributions made to consumer savings products are guaranteed by Spanish legislation. All the contributions made to the Savings Plans are guaranteed by ALLIANZ.

(*) Information provided by PENSUMO. It does not imply any commitment or legal obligation. The legal conditions can be found on the website and in the corresponding savings policy. The contributions are deposited in a GUARANTEED Securities Portfolio at 0.5% per annum, of the Insurer Allianz. The average yield over the last 7 years has been 4.92% per annum (T. I.). Negative returns cannot be produced. No minimum consumption is necessary. THINKING IS FREE. TAXATION: Those in force according to legislation. LIQUIDITY: Recoverable at any time according to policy conditions. PENSUMO ®, is a loyalty system for shops, companies and brands, which promotes the repetition of purchases of the end user through the realization of micro-contributions to a Consumer Savings Plan. The micro-contributions come from the payment that merchants and brands make to PENSUMO for “Promotion of services and advertising”. The conditions of collaboration and contribution percentage are fixed between PENSUMO and the trader according to a legal contract between them. PLATFORM OF FIDELIZATION PENSUMO S. L. CIF 99379232 / PENSMO – PENSION X CONSUMPTION is a trademark registered in Spain with file number M-2927330 (17/08/2010). PENSUMO – CONSUMPTION PENSION is a registered trademark in the European Union with Act: 010865079 | Type: Denominative | Presentation: 2012/05/08 | Status: | Stat