Your daily shopping, your future pension


This is the consumption pension

With PENSUMO® you buy for today and save for your future.

But there’s more: recycle, drive, run, read… do everything you always do responsibly and measure it through your smartphone to increase your balance.

Save with your everyday purchases

Your regular consumption can save you money. Whether it’s in small shops or online shopping, you can put money into your savings plan thanks to the businesses and shops associated with Pensumo.

Save on physical stores

Save on online shops

Save with responsible actions

Companies and corporations promote the realization of your actions and sustainable behaviors. You will only have to be attentive to those that occur in your area.
Look for the challenges in the APP!

Getting around on a bike



Being a good driver

Download the APP!

Download the application and start saving with Pensumo. Your shopping and social actions are rewarding.

Save with your favorite online stores.

Now you can accumulate money in your PENSUMO® savings plan by shopping online.

From the Compras Pensumo portal, you can buy first-class technology, travel or clothing and get a percentage for your savings plan.

Enter now and start saving!

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