What is PENSUMO®?

PENSUMO® helps you to get small amounts of money every day for years and accumulate them for the future (or pension): buy, recycle, drive, run, read… do everything you do always responsibly and measure it through your Smartphone to be rewarded.

In this way, PENSUMO® achieves:

  • Savings of the customer and profitability from the contributions made by merchants in the Consumer Savings Plan each time they purchase from the associated merchants.
  • The loyalty of the user with the affiliated commerce, by the differentiating value that it grants.

The consequence of the widespread use of this system among citizens would be the birth of a new pillar of the pension system, complementary to that of Social Security (or others in Europe), with the particularity that is free and voluntary for the beneficiary.

PENSUMO® is a service company in the collaborative economy and shared consumption line that is making its way around the world.
The radical thing about PENSUMO® is that it creates two communities, that of consumers and that of merchants, which can converge into one.
If we can imagine buyers and sellers who, linked by an idea of the future, interact together, we can get an idea of the power of PENSUMO®.

The amounts allocated to the Savings Plan are guaranteed by Allianz

PensumoWhat is Pensumo?