Frequently Asked Questions of Associated Merchants

What is PENSUMO®? What are its advantages?

PENSUMO® is a system of commercial loyalty, in which the customer is encouraged with micro contributions to their Savings Plan. The main advantages are the differentiation from competitors and, above all, the degree of loyalty that is achieved when we give our future customer.

How much does PENSUMO® cost?

PENSUMO® has no fixed fees, neither of high nor of low. PENSUMO® receives a small percentage (varies according to the type of trade and its characteristics) of those sales made to PENSUMO® users that are identified as such. In addition, PENSUMO® also manages the quantities with which the retailer keeps its customers loyal and which are also a certain percentage of each sale, which also varies according to the type of business and its characteristics.

What are the technical requirements to become a PENSUMO® partner establishment?

To have an internet connection, a Smartphone or tablet and our App PENSUMO®. In addition to the QR identifier of the establishment that PENSUMO® will provide you.

What channels or shopping experiences are available?

All PENSUMO® associated establishments, both physical and online, including those listed on our website. See associated establishments

The relationship with PENSUMO® is guaranteed by a contract?

Each establishment signs a contract with Pensumo® Loyalty Platform, specifying the obligations for both parties. See general conditions.

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